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Creation of a comprehensive promotions catalog based on your promotions booklet, for distribution and decentralized signage. Exclusive system!

Uploading & Sync

Integration of data table from the point-of-sale system and/or an Excel file


Creating a Personalized User Experience and Workspace Environment for Customer Needs​


Exporting Signage Files for Printing at 300DPI in PDF Format or Locally to a Printer


Export your promotions to stunning video animations for digital signage and advertising with a click

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Who Are We

Pre-View provides integration services to corporations and advanced solutions for retail companies, with a focus on digital, video, advertising, and print design. The company offers comprehensive outsourced marketing services and tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of its clients.

Additionally, the company offers a unique digital marketing platform that includes customizable video templates, allowing clients to create promotional videos by own.

Our System

Pre-View Print is a system that performs full integration between POS systems and data tables to automatically create promotion signage designs for printing, without the need for graphic designers. Today, the system provides a 360-degree solution, connecting company suppliers to the trade and marketing departments, all the way to printing houses and branches.

The Print system allows seamless connection between trade and marketing departments, enabling parallel work and consolidating them into one table for changes and updates without duplicate effort. This transparency allows sending perfect products for printing to branches or printing houses.

The system can connect to the sales site, applications, and provides full control over ESL (Electronic Shelf Labeling) systems and designs. The comprehensive catalog system allows the creation of a complete promotions catalog with just a few clicks, enabling the design of a catalog or promotional booklet in less than an hour.

The video system enables the creation of personalized videos based on templates for marketing and various screens. The creation process is extremely simple, and the system is user-friendly for anyone without technical knowledge.

Our company tailors the promotions table and the company's needs, providing you with a perfect system that brings together the entire creation process.

Everything you needed is already here.


Pre-View is a unique and revolutionary platform that will undoubtedly save you tens and even hundreds of thousands of shekels every year.

  • Time and Labor Savings
  • User-Friendly, Convenient, andInnovative
  • Cost Savings

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